Our story

Dedicated to high-quality craftsmanship, WioN Handmade brings exquisite leather bags and accessories to cosmopolitan people in Europe and overseas. The journey started in 2019 when WioN’s creative director Danguole Povilaityte – Prosvirnina, began experimenting with various leather pieces in her studio in Lithuania. Today, while focusing on leather making and quality, she designs everything from scratch – combining traditional methods with contemporary style.

Aspired to be authentic

Danguole began her career in a highly different field. Specializing in the logistics sector for more than seven years, she shifted her life in 2019 and decided to follow her true passion: bag design. She wanted to break from the corporate world and delve into creating fine leather goods. Her very first creation was a backpack decorated with Swarovski that she made for her daughter in early 2017. ‘I always wanted to create something unique – something that not everyone has; my vision was always to be different.’ – says Creative Director Danguole Povilaityte-Prosvirina. She has an unwavering passion for beauty, luxury, and precision. Danguole’s virtuosity as an artisan has made WioN synonymous with sophistication and being different. WioN has earned its excellent reputation thanks to Danguole’s uncompromising perfectionism, attention to detail, and innate understanding of shapes, colors, and proportion.
Danguole Povilaityte – Prosvirnina
Creative Director

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Aspired to be authentic

‘It took us more than three months to find the right shape and material to have the bags we have now,’ – remembers creative director, Danguole. Every single one of WioN’s pieces is 100% handmade and requires a minimum of fifteen hours of handcrafting. The high-quality bags and accessories are the result of long-term trusted leather suppliers from Italy, local collaborators, and neverending product testing before offering them to our clients.

Made to order

The luxury of having a custom bag you have always dreamt of is only one step away. We are dedicated to delivering the luxury of designing a bag or accessory tailored to your taste—one-of-a-kind, personalized and bespoke. 

Committed to quality

Our craftsmanship is all about dedication to leather, uncompromising in detail and authenticity. Our leather pieces are 100% handmade and designed in our workshop in Lithuania.