Inside the creation

At WioN, we take painstaking care to create only the finest quality things. Committed to the idea of not selling anything, she would not wear herself, our creative director Danguole carefully tests each leather piece and decor element before the production. ‘I initially worked with a sewer as I never liked sewing that much myself. However, I always wanted to be more independent when it comes to bag design and making. That’s why I created a quite unusual yet very flexible method of creating leather goods that involve zero stitches’. – explains Danguole Povilaityte – Prosvirnina, WioN creative director.

Quality rests in impeccable fabrication rather than mass production

Zero stitches

Most of our leather creations are created using a big compressor, a pneumatic hammer, and rivets. This alternative to the sewing method made WioN brand different from the rest while ensuring high-quality leather bags.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather item requires thoughtful consideration and a keen eye to recognize leather quality. Even though we hold long-lasting relationships with our suppliers from Italy, we also test each leather piece in-house in different weather conditions; we measure their thickness and reaction to various materials such as cloth fabric. Our leather creations are made with utmost care and have a 2-year quality guarantee.