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Creative freedom, unforgettable experience,
and attention to detail.

Textures to thrill your eyes and hands. Handcrafted designs and iconic silhouettes – ready to create extraordinaire moments – for you and with you. Experience WioN Handmade.

Every piece is 100% handmade and requires a minimum of 15 hours of handcrafting

Committed to quality

Exclusively made by hand in Lithuania, WioN leather bags and accessories are one-of-a-kinds. Our craftsmanship is dedicated to hand-picked leather, uncompromising in detail, quality, and authenticity.

Timeless leather pieces combined with
high-quality materials

From the iconic circle bags and backpacks to everyone’s favorite chain clutches and functional travel accessories – WioN Handmade exceptional leather pieces are ideal companions wherever you may be heading to.

Circle Bag

A circle bag is an unexpected yet structured silhouette referencing vintage canteen bags.